Covid Update

I am pleased to share that in the past week we have moved to accommodating two residents to a table in the dining rooms if they so desire. We have had a number of residents ask to sit together and visit and we are pleased to coordinate the effort.  Although we encourage the residents to stay masked while they are traveling in the cooridors, they are able to sit together and visit if they both have been vaccinated.  That brings me to the point that all residents have now been vaccinated, or have been lab tested for presence of the Covid-19 antibodies.  That increases our comfort in their increased movement in the corridors.  Our staff numbers continue to grow in the  receipt of vaccinations as they have become more readily available.  We now have about 65% staff vaccination completion. The literature is now appearing to lean that employers in health care can mandate employees be vaccinated.  I have not decided to do that yet, hopinig more and more staff discover the positive merits of vaccination for the vocation they are in.  OSHA it appears is developing standards that would allow vaccinated individuals to eventually go maskless, while those not vaccinated must continue to wear a mask.  That is not in effect yet, so all of Healthcare will continue wearing masks.  We will see what the regulators come up with prior to our change.  Finally, it is my understanding that different Care Centers are allowing different interpretations of the loosing up of restrictions.  That is fine, howevr, Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare will continue to ask for appointments, meet in a designated area, and enforce mitigating provisions of honoring social distancing, frequent hand hygiene, and masking as stated above.  Welcome to Summer!

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


Covid Update

I am sure that you are as pleased with the advancements of lifting restrictions related to the Covid pandemic as we are!  The newest change to the "unmaskiing" of vaccinated individuals is wonderful, however, that change does not include Skilled and Long Term Care Facilities and Hospitals.  We will continue as we have for the past few weeks.  Call for appointments, be interviewed, and use the normal mitigation techniques of masking, maintaining social distances and using good hand hygiene.  Our visits have been going well.  It has been wonderful for the residents, and I am sure for you as well.  We believe the 1/2 hour time slots have been good for residents, however, when we can (if there is noone scheduled after you) we'll allow your visits to go on a little longer.   Marshall County continues to demonstrate low positivity rates...this week was 3.2% and we continue to test ALL unvaccinated staff 1x monthly.  At this time we have only 4 residents that have not been vaccinated, and 46 staff members that have not.  Please reconsider your status of being unvaccinated for the good of your loved ones, yourselves, and those in your immediate environment, and make arrangements for the good of all.  At this time, the vaccinations have clearly been shown to be effective and safe.  I would expect that in the near future, those facilities that have 100% vaccination "may" be able to consider a decision as to masking in the workplace.  We want to be able to welcome that decision when it is possible.  Thank you for you participation in the the "Mothers Day Concert", it was a safe, well attended event that the residents and families enjoyed!  Use of our 5 adjoining dining rooms allowed us to move the concert into the building as the weather was not cooperative.  Please continue to check in here as more decisions are made and shared.

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator 



Updating In-facility Visitations

I am pleased to share that we will now be able to have in-facility visitations on Sunday afternoons from  12:30-4:30 pm, like the rest of the week.  Visitation will now be Sundays through Saturdays.  As well, some are playing some quick hands of cards, and  we are allowing some closer interactions.  Typically we would like folks to be across the table, however, we do realize there are some issues with reach, etc. so we have allowed corner to corner positioining. If you lean in for the conversation, please self-monitor that the entire visitation is not in this huddle position. Please remain masked during the visitation.  Please use hand sanitizer prior to the visit and at the close of the visit. Continue to call for reservation times, and please  allow time if you want to be tested.  Magic window visitations continue to be available, if you are not comfortable entering the facility.  Visitations will continue to be held in the front living rooms.  In nice weather, we will work with our residents, families, and friends on setting up outdoor visitations.  The positivity rate for Marshall County has continued to remain low and as it stays below 5% (we are at 3.6%) our staff testing protocol has remained at 1x per month.  Residents continue to be checked for s/s of covid daily during their interactions with licensed nursing staff.  We continue to actively admit new residents, do therapeutic interventions, and when appropriate the resident returns to their prior living situation. We are proud to be an active rehab to home facility...REHAB, RESTORE, RETURN HOME.  I am also happy to share that we have resumed our mental health counseling program and it is going well.  Thank you for your continued support of Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare.

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



More Relaxing Restrictions

We continue to evaluate our facility and our community.  Marshall County has continued with a low positivity  rating of 3.5% this week. And...Grandview Heights continues to have NO active Covid-19 or variants in the facility.  Staff have continued to be free of virus infection.  Please stay vigilant to your environment and continue to use mitigation strategies of 1.)wearing a mask when out in the community or at your place of work 2.) maintaining social distancing and 3.) using frequent and good hand hygiene.  In our continued attempt to make it easier for your loved one to have visits with family and friends, we are allowing for personal visiting with your loved ones, Monday through Saturday afternoons 12:30 -4:30.  We continue to need to schedule those visits.  While you do not have to have covid testing, we would love to provide that sense of security for you if you have not been vaccinated.  Visits will be in the same 30-45 minute time frame to get all in that wish too.  We are also allowing our residents who have been fully vaccinated to go out with family and friends.  Outside visitation is an option on those nice days that we have coming up.  We are still completing the questionairres and temping all visitors and business partners. Magic Window visitations are available during morning hours, and after the 4:30-5:00 pm visiting.  In all situations, please remember to use the mitigation strategies that we have all learned to live with in the last year.  Thank you for your continued cooperation as we move into this new year. 

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



Moving Forward!

I am happy to announce that this past week the positivity rating for Marshall County was 3.6% . While this is exciting, we must still give pause that we may see some increase, or surge activity due to the concept of "Spring Break" in March, and also as we are seeing increases across the country due to variant strain surging. The next  positivity rating will be available on Monday evening.  At this time, however, I am adding another day to in-facility visitation.  We will be taking appointments for in facility appointments Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 12:30 -4:30 pm.  All of the same parameters set below will continue in our mission to continue to re-connect our families and friends with our residents. We will continue relaxing more restrictions if  the positivity rate stays under 5%.  Under 5% we are able to move to testing our staff members 1 time monthly.  Our residents (90% vaccinated) continue to be monitored 3x daily during all shifts by our licensed nursing staff.  In our effort to continue to offer the best of services to our residents and staff, we reserve the right to immediately adjust mitigation efforts, should the positivity rate increase, should an active case of covid  materialize.  Thank you for your patience and  understanding, as we move into better times in this wonderful NEW Year.  Magic Window visitations will continue as we have been, please call for your appointments.

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



Marshall County's Positivity rating was 8.1% last week, and this week we are down to 6.1%/  This means we will continue workiing on lifting restrictions to visitations.  The Magic Windows will continue as they have been available, continue to call and make your reservations.  However we are opening up more times for inviting family members and friends into the facility.  Please note the following changes in in person visits in our 3rd week of opening our doors to personal visiting. 

1.) We are now scheduling visit times on Tuesdays 12:30-5pm and Saturdays 11-4:30 pm.  We will continue to work with the 30 minute time slots.

2.) You need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time so that you can be Covid Tested. Results within 15 minutes.  If you have been vaccinated, bring your card with you and you will not be tested. A copy will be made for our records going forward.

3.)  You must complete the questionnaire, and use the acolhol based scrub on your hands, and wear a mask only. 

4.)  You will be allowed to greet your loved one with a hug and/or grasping hands, at the start and at the end of your visit, we will observe social distancing for the visit.

5.)  We have set up 2 tables for the visitations and 1-2 visitors will be accomodated.  Tables will be sanitized between visits.  We have relaxed our original monitoring by staff, however they will be around to assist as you might need. 


*  We strongly encourage everyone to get the vaccinations, unless you have a medical counter indication.  We are optimistic that with the success of the vaccinations we will keep this virus at bay.  I do continue concerned about the variants that are materializing, but I am tryiing to not let them deter the wonderful opportunities that we are now experiencing.  We will continue to monitor the use of personal visitation and open more times as possible.  We are  excited aboout being able re-unite you with your loved one and will continue to keep you informed as we move forward.

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator




Marshall County's Covid Positivity rating is 6.6% for the last week.  This in mind, I shared that I would begin "personal visitations" again with your loved ones. 

Please review the following:

1) You must call for reservation time.  We will have 30 minute slots from 12:30 until 5 PM on Tuesdays only to begin. 

2) You must arrive 15 or more minutes prior to your scheduled time so that you can be Covid Tested. Results within 15 minutes. If you have been vaccinated, bring your card with you and you will not be tested.  We will make a copy of your card and place in your loved ones file.

3) You must complete questionnaire and be in full PPE.

4) You will be allowed to greet and hold your loved ones hand with your gloved hand at start and for good-bye.  You will be seated at the table opposite one another. Only 1 table will be used initially and will sanitized between visits. 

5) We are required to monitor the visit to insure compliance with touching. 


****Magic Window visits will continue during this time as well!

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


Running a bit behind in sharing with you, but remember this updating relates primarily to COVID-19, and to be honest with you we have had a great run, without any covid in our building.  We have had no  reinfections of residents or Staff.   We started our resident and staff vaccinations 1/7/21 with a second clinic on  1/28/21.  We held our final vaccination clinic on 2/18/21.  End result we have 90% of our residents vaccinated and no significant issues, and we have about 50% of our staff vaccination, again without significant issues.  The county positivity rate will continue to be our guide and it has been good to us for the past 5  weeks, staying under the 10% allowing us to test our staff members only 1 time weekly.  This past week it has gone up to  9.6% and our next reading will be late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.  Residents continue to be monitored by our licensed nursing staff on all 3 of our shifts.  I am also making plans toward adjusting some visiting restrictions.   I put an article in the Newsletter that went out this week (in color) so review there.  However, I can share with you, the importance of receiving the vaccination when it becomes available to you.  It is so important to continue to keep our staff and residents safe from this horrible virus-and although we now have a vaccine, I continue concerned about the variants/ or changing of the virus.  Vaccinations should keep these at bay, but just having the vaccine doesn't save lives...receiving the vaccine does.  We have made arrangements for those who were hesitant and did not receive/ or authorize the vaccination of their loved ones, to receive the vaccine IF we can establish a need for 10 individuals...that would be our unvaccinated residents, those who passed and new admissions needing it.  It also includes any of our staff who passed on it initially.  Please contact Deb Walters, Human Resources if staff need to be put on the list, and The  DON's will be who to let know if you are a resident or help make the decisions for a resident.  100% vaccinations may make the difference between eliminating or decreasing the masking, gowning and social distancing.  I almost feel it is an obligation to do so in the best interest of the vulnerable elders we care for...for THEM, FOR YOU, FOR US.  Watch this site for 'BREAKIING NEWS' about our visitation. 


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



Covid Update

I am excited to share with you that our Vaccination Clinics have now been confirmed.  Information has already been sent to our responsible parties for you to review and provide the consent for your loved one to receive the vaccine.  I sincerely hope that you will all be supportive to protect your loved one, and help us head toward an improved future where we can begin to lift the many restrictions that we have had to work with in this past year.  Our first Vaccination Clinic will be conducted on January 7, 2021 from  11 am until 5 pm.  We have partnered with CVS Pharmacies to administer the vaccination to residents and staff alike.  This clinic will serve to start the series of the Covid Vaccine.  Our second clinic is scheduled for January 28, 2021 again from 11 am to 5 pm . If you have not gotten those consent forms back to us, please do so as soon as possible.  We want to be sure and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to share in protecting our residents, our staff, and our families and friends.  I hope that you, our families and friends, will take the opportunity when it is available to you.  Having us all be safer to be amongst one another will be a rewarding experience for everyone.  I have included an informational prospectus in the billing statements this month.  There is also a power point presentation that provides some good information below.  If you have questions, please feel free to visit with me or our Directors of Nursing. Please join me in being excited about the protections that are being offered to us.  Just think what a joyous day it will be when we have conquered the virus that so negatively effected our lives.  Chicken Pox...gone, measles...gone, mumps...gone, scarlet fever...gone, & Covid-19 GONE!


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



Covid Update

Covid continues to be high in our community!  Positivity rating for this week is 27.3% .  To that end we continue to test our staff 2x weekly using the Abbott quick tests.  Tuesday we tested 80 staff all negative, and today we tested 98 staff all negative.  Our residents continue to be assessed for symptoms 3x daily, and we have had no one symptomatic.  Our census continues at 61.  We are so happy that whomever build this building had the foresight to include the front porch where our families and friends can join their loved one for a comfortable visit.  The grant from the Department of Human Services to buy the mikes and speakers was a God send.  WE have been so blessed to have good health for our staff and residents during this most recent surge.  Please continue to be safe as you our families and friends move about our community.  There is no shame in following rules of masking, good hand hygiene and social distancing.  Keeping yourself safe will mean som much to your family members and your loved one entrusted to our care. The blessing of scientist developing vaccines was felt this week and we anxiously await the offering of same to our residents and staff.   I hope for 100% acceptance for this blessing that will help to assure us of safety in our communty.  As soon as we learn when our clinic days have been set, we will be contacting responsible parties for the permissions to proceed with making vaccine available for your loved one.  Staff too will be able to receive the vaccine, to keep them safe here at Grandview Heights, but also in the community.  Masking, hand hygiene and social distancing will still be in order for awhile.  Please review the power point below that will answer many of your questions.  Safe to say, we got a vaccine for Christmas.  Continue to keep Grandview Heights staff and residents in your daily prayers!


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator




We have found a great informational powerpoint that helps answer questions related to the new COVID-19 Vaccine. Please follow this link, to get access to a free tool kit, that will enable you to view the whole slideshow!






Covid19 continues lurking in our midst.  Since the positivity rate for Marshall County remains high 29.7%, we have continued testing all of our employees two times per week.  We have been very fortunate that our staff is staying well and free of the virus. In the past 2 weeks we have had only 2 persons test positive using the PCR testing.  Each of those individuals suspected they may have contracted and stayed away from work until they were tested and then properly quarantined.  When test we typically test 85-90 staff members.  Residents continue to be assessed by licensed nursing staff 3 times daily during each on-coming shift.  We have not had any residents test positive. We continue to prepare for the Christmas Season with the usual decorating.  Residents enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed your many visits.  Contine visiting, using the protocol I have outlined below.  I'll keep this update short, because without the Covid 19, our life is sssweet!  Please keep all the residents and staff in your thoughts and prayers!


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



11/13/2020 Update

Positivity rate for Marshall County has continued to excalate to 29.6 % at this time.  The entire State of Iowa is elevating with alarm. Due to this high positivity rate we are continuing to test our employees 2 times weekly.  We are using the Abbott Rapid Test for our testing as we can get results in 15 minutes.  Any staff member that presents questionable symptoms we also complete a PCR Test and send to the Iowa Hygenic Lab in Iowa City for correlation.  We are currently asking any staff member that feels they have had an exposure, direct or indirect, to counsel with us and we recommend that they quarantine at home for 10 days.  If they do not develop symptoms and remain fever free for 24 hours they have discussion with GVH Administration to determine their return to work.  We tested 87 staff members on Monday of this week and 87 members on Thursday of this week. All but 1 were negative and that 1 we did a PCR test for confirmation.   Residents are assessed for symptoms or changes in condition each of 3 shifts.  We have not had any symptoms, however if we did we would do a confirmatory Covid test on them.  Again of our 62 residents there is no evidence of presence.  We have continued to allow free movement of residents within the care center and residents are asked to mask, as we do.  They are generally cooperative, but there are occasional reminders.  We continued to gather in smaller groups for meals and for activities, according to acceptable standards. We have a wonderful TEAM of professional employees providing for and taking care of your loved ones.  We do ask that you continue to follow the protocol listed below in scheduling "magic window" visitations. Please help to keep our staff safe in our community by wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining social distancing.  Only ALL OF US TOGETHER CAN RESOLVE THIS SITUATION, AND FINALLY...PRAY FOR MERCY ON OUR COUNTRY TO RESOLVE THE PETTY BICKERING AND GET ON WITH CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



10/20/2020 Update


Due to the increase in the positivity rate for Marshall County (up to 6.5) outdoor and front porch visits will be curtailed until the positivity rates drop below 5 for 3 consecutive weeks. "Magic Window" appointments can still be made. If youwatch any news at all, you will see that the virus is again surging. It is my responsiblity to try to keep it out of the facility and away from your loved ones. Thank you for your cooperation in helpinig us to achieve that goal.


To make "Magic Window" visits more comfortanble, we have added pull down roller blinds to guy any glare. The heat on the porch will be turned up to add to your comfort. Please remember the following:


1) Call ahead for your appiontments

2.) Register in the guest book

3.) Disinfect the furniture and microphone at the close of your visit

4.) Try to limit yourselves to approximately 30 minutes


Thank you for your on-going assistance during these challeging times.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


10/08/2020 Update


There is no covid testing for employees at Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare this week or next, due to low positivity levels. We are currently at 2.8%. recall the country positivity level needs to be below 5 in order for us to move to the 1 monthly testing. Residents are assessed 3 times daily by our licensed nursing staff and if symptomatic, they would be tested. There have been no symptoms with any of our residents, thus no testing indicated.


On that note, we are now making plans for a short period of outdoor visiting. We will move to this option if Marshall County Positivity rates remain below  for 3 consecutive weeks. This can change due to changes in the local positivity rates that are posted every Monday. 1.) Visitors must call for appointments. 2.) You will be asked if you want outdoor or "Magic Window" time. Times will necessarily be limited in order that we can staff the needs of residents and chaperone the outdoor visits. We will start with a morning block of time from 10-11 am, and an afternoon block of time from 1-3:30 pm on Tuesday's & Thursday's.


Call for visit times after 10/12/2020.

 1. GVH will determine if the weather is appropriate for outside visits

 2. 6' tabels will be placed in the front of the building.

 3. The resident will be at one end of the table, and the visitor will be at the other end.

 4. Both resident and visitor must be masked (bring your own mask with you please. If you have a shield that might be better for your loved one, so they can see your mouth moving.

 5. We will allow you to wear disposable gloves to reach out and greet your loved one, and you will be able to depart with a quick, gloved hand holding.

 6. Visits will be held for approximately 30 minutes.

 7. The outside visits will be chaperoned, the "Magic Windows" are per normal.


Sinice the front porch is heated, we are working on plans to use the front porch as the weather gets cooler. The "Magic Windows" will continue in play as they have been so successful, allow the resident to see more than 1 family member at once, actually be closer than 6 feet, have no need to wear masks, and can use the microphones/speakers to hear one another.


This has been such an adventure that I appreciate you being on this journey with us. Still more challenges ahead, but we are optimistic aobut tackling them for those we care so much about.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


In Marshall County due to the high positivity rate, we have been Covid-19 testing all of our staff members who have continued to test negative, or are outside of their 90 days post having contracted Covid-19.  We complete testing Mondays and Thursdays for staff.  Mondays testing was on 58 staff and they were all negative.  Thursdays testing was also for 58 staff and they were all negative.  Residents are checked for vitals on each shift, and if there are symptoms they are tested.  There have been no symtoms.  We have 57 residents residing with us at this time.  Let's get those elective surgeries scheduled, come here and rehab, restore and return home. In beginning to try to get toward "normalcy"   we will again begin our mental health counseling for residents in need, with Senior Consulting Group.  Our couselor, Mary Lee will begin seeing folks on 10/7/2020.   As well, we have entered into an agreement with Preferred Podiatry Group and they will begin seeing patients at Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare on 10/26/2020.  We are excited to get these services re-started for the good of our wonderful residents.  This next week we will go to testing staff members just 1 time weekly due to a decreased positivity rate of 6.5 %.  As always, thank you for your continued support!

       Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator




Todays Covid-19 update shares that we have continued to stay Covid-19 free.  As Marshall County has a high "Positivity Rate" of 11.3 we are required to test our staff 2 times per week. Persons we are testing are all staff members who have continued to test "negative" throughout this Pandemic. We selected testing on Monday 9/14 and tested 48 staff members using the PCR testing and sent to the Iowa Hygienic Labs - All 48 returned negative for Covid-19.  We did our 2nd testing of the staff on Thursday using the BD Veritor Quick Test and we tested 47 staff members, all were negative for Covid-19.  All residents continue to be assessed by licensed nursing staff during each of our 3 shifts.  If there are any symptoms detected they would be tested immediately using our new   BD Veritor testing protocol. All residents continue to be assymptomatic. Our Census is at 60 today, and we stand ready to assist in any necessary placements in the Marshalltown area. 


WE are running into some issue with scheduling your visits with your loved ones at the two magic windows, that are equipped with microphones and speakers so you might better communicate with one another.  WE must get you accustomed to scheduling yourselves to visit.  This is a requirement for us to consider lifting some restrictions, so please comply with what we have to do. We know you want to cooperate so that we can consider moving forward, but you have to please complete your responsibility.  At the moment it matters less, but if we get to the stage where we can let you be with your loved one, we need to have a staff member present, sort of as a chaperone.  You will have to be 6 feet apart, and you will still have to wear a mask. Preferably such visits will be conducted outside in one of our court yards.  The visits will be time limited to no longer than 30-45 minutes so others can be accomodated. Visitors will be restricted to 2 individuals. As the weather gets cooler, hopefully we will be further ahead with this virus, but if we haven't opened to inside visiting we will continue with the magic windows.

Please review calling in and visiting protocol that is showing in the update immediately below. 


Thank you for your continuing support. Your loved one is receiving wonderful care from highly committed caregivers, and we are priviledged to have you in our family!

 Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



COVID-19 Update


REMINDER:  As Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare continues to look for ways to revise some of the restrictions we have had to implement, we will need your cooperation as we look to the future.  With the positivity rating as high as it is in Marshall County, we are not able to do direct patient visitor contacts yet.  Marshall County's positivity rate is 11.3% for this week and that is what we must go by.  The protocol that has been established by CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) is that testing of staff and residents will continue.   If the positivity level is at 5% then testing is set for 1 time monthly; if the positivity level is 5.1-10% then testing  is set for 1 time per week; if the positivity level is 10.1% or higher testing is set for 2 times per week.  This week, due to the Labor Day Holiday, we had set our testing for Tuesday 9/8/20 for all staff that have continued to test negative. Next week we will again test on Monday and again on Thursday.  Residents and staff presenting with symptoms are tested immediately with our new antigen testing machine/Veritor.  Results are available in 15 minutes.  This type of testing will allow us to direct services to staff and residents much more quickly then the 1-2 days it takes using the PCR testing.  If a staff member or resident has tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus, the recommendation is that they not be tested for 90 days following their positive reading.


As we move forward please observe the following;

 1.)  Please call GVH ahead of your visit to set up a time to visit with your loved one at one of 2 "Magic Windows" . 

 2.)  We will notify the Nursing Staff of your impending visit, so visits will be timely.

 3.)  Plan your visitations to be 30-45 minutes start to finish. 

 4.)  Disenfecting supplies are provided at each window, please do not forget to use them.

 5.)  There is a sign-in book on the front porch, this is a requirement of visits now, and as we move to the future, please use it legibly.


We implemented "fine dining/communal" dining recently, and all residents using the dining room are welcomed at the reservatioin podium (reservations not required) and they are escorted to a free table.  The menu is presented and their order is taken.  The meal is delivered and they enjoy their meal.  They are escorted to the living rooms, or back to their rooms by staff members, as necessary.


We continued our 1:1 activity visits throughout the year as usual and all through the "outbreak".  We recently returned to group activities, however we are restricted to only 10 participants at a time.  Any activity that involves "pieces" to use with the activity, we must have 10 pieces, that can be santitized and not shared within the group. Bingo has continued on Thursdays and we have had to be creative to those wanting to participate in their isolation, thus you could hear Bingo numbers being called up & down many different hallways. After a short pause in our church services, those too have resumed, but again only 10 persons attending at a time.  Social hour has returned to Friday afternoons with musical entertainment being booked again (on the front porch) and residents enjoying from the front living rooms. This is another reason to schedule your visits, so that we don't have competition for the attention of the folks we all care so very much about.This has been a peak at our part, for your part keep your loved one & our staff in your thoughts and prayers.  Wear a mask, Wash hands, Social Distance!


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator 





We are happy to announce that we are currently out of the outbreak status! We will continue to test staff bi-weekly, unless instructed otherwise. Residents we will continue with our protocol of testing the individual as soon as they start to experience any signs or symptoms. Along with that, we are checking each residents temperatures and doing a full evaluation at the start of each new shift- so three times daily! We do not have any positive residents in our care, and none are having any signs or symptoms.






We are happy to announce that we currently do not have any positive residents residing in our facility! Our numbers are as follows: 

Census: 60

In hospital: 0

Positive: 0

Recovered: 47

We received some clarification from the State of Iowa stating that we DO NOT have to count any patients in our positive count that are joining us from the hospital for reconditioning due to COVID 19.  Please check back for more updates as they become available! -Grace Maitland HR Manager




Daily Census: 60; In Hospital: 0; Positive 3; Recovered 44


Although we have 3 positive residents, only 1 of those are a long time resident of Grandview Heights. The other two are people we have acquired from the hopsital that are here for some re-conditioning to get back to there baseline performance! We are so happy to have them with us!


In efforts to move forward with our re-opening strategy, we are implenting a check in for our visitors who are visiting a loved one through our Magic Window. Please look for the check in binder upon arrival. We ask that you fill out the needed information each time you stop by for a visit.  In addition- there will be a sanitation rag & spray for you to wipe down your area when your visit is completed. As always- we thank you for your participation!


-Grace HR


Daily Census: 61; In Hospital: 0; Positive 4; Recovered 43



Daily Census: 59; In Hospital: 1; Positive 4; Recovered 42



Daily Census: 59; In Hospital: 1; Positive 4; Recovered 41.


This week we enjoyed serving our community a warm meal as many of our community members have been without power for several days due to the storm. In total: we served over 500 individuals this week! Some of our residents spent time helping prepare the to-go boxes that we handed out. Our residents have also enjoyed watching the tree service company clean up our yards! More and more residents are starting to participate in our daily activities and eating in our dining area. You are invited to our "Magic Window" for visits, they would love to see your smiling faces! 


Grace Maitland, Human Resources



Daily Census: 60; In Hospital: 1; Positive 8; Recovered 36; Staff Tested:82: Positive Staff:14; Recovered:28  The "Magic Windows" have again opened.  Again, consider shorter visits and increase in time over the next couple of weeks.  Only positive covid residents are not able to leave the quarantine of their rooms.  WE had one heck of a storm this afternoon!  We incurred roof damage, and we had just completed a new rubberized roof project. Several of our roof top AC units were moved by the winds and they are scheduled to be reset. We lost numerous large trees on campus.  No one was injured, our staff performed wonderfully, and residents received some special interactions while they were in their safety zones.  Residents that have recovered, or continue to test negative, were invited back to dining room eating, 1 per table, and all residents are being served on dinnerware, rather than on the styrofoam ( except for positive quarantine residents).  Please continue to use the power of prayer to keep us all going in the right direction.   It has been a pretty powerful presence in helping us to weather this virus and todays storm. 

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator




Daily Census: 60; In Hospital: 1; Positive Resident: 18; Recovered Residents: 27; Staff Tested: 82; Positive Staff: 19; Recovered Staff: 23 For planning purposes, I plan to open the "Magic Windows" Monday afternoon.  Please call ahead and set up time as you have in the past.  I would like to encourage you to keep your visits around 30 minutes, so as not to overtax your loved ones.  I know you are anxious to see them up closer and to hear them. We will monitor their response to increased visitation and we will continue to closely monitor the pandemic's growth or decline, and determine our ability to review restrictions positively.  We thank you for your continued patience as we work to close out this horrible chapter in all of our lives.  Your continued prayers are very much appreciated. 

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator




Daily Census: 59; Hospital:1; Positive Residents: 18; Recovered Residents: 26; Staff Tested: 81; Positive Staff: 19; Recovered Staff:21 We continue to work very closely with the Iowa Department of Public Health.  We look forward to opening up the "Magic Windows" again in the very near future.  Please continue to pray for a quick resolution to this Covid-19 experience. Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons.



Daily Census: 60; Hospital:3; Positive Residents:21; Recovered Residents:23; Staff Tested: 81; Positive Staff:18; Recovered Staff: 20  We are making positive gains with this horrible virus. We are working very closely with our Primary Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.  Our staff has been phenominal in shouldering the awesome responsibility this pandemic has presented.  I sincerely thank our residents, our staff, and our wonderful supportive family members and friends. Please continue your prayers of support for all concerned.




07/31/2020 Update:


Daily Census: 62 In Hospital: 5 Positive Residents: 29 Recovered: 16 --------------- Staff Tested: 81 Positive Staff: 17 Recovered: 17


Dann Larmore/Adminsitrator


07/26/2020 Update:


Census: 62 In Hospital: 2 Positive Residents: 29 Recovered: 13 Asymtomatic Residents: 2 Staff Tested: 79 Positive Staff: 15 Recovered: 15


Dann Larmore/Administrator


07/23/2020 Update:


The past 24 hours has been continued challenge after challenge for our residents, staff, and families.  We continue to have 2 Department of Inspections & Appeals staff present and a most in opportune time, but none the less they stayed, even under the circumstances. 

We received results as follows this morning, CCDI 11Negatives; East side no new Positives; West Side 4 new Positives; and Staff 37 Negatives & 9 Positives. We have 1 resident in the hospital.  Numerous family & resident contacts have been accomplished today. 

My heart is heavy in having to share that we have lost 2 additional residents.  I pray the Lord will keep us all in the palm of his hand and help find a quick close to this pandemic.


Dann Larmore, Administrator


7/22/2020 Update:

I apologize for my delay in update.  I too, have met the "angry beast", but as time has marched on, our staff has continued like troopers, meeting COVID head-on, and keeping our residents comfortable.  Mostly I will share data with you, to keep you in the know.


Census is 65; we have 33 COVID positive residents, and all residents have been tested several times.  We have tested over 85 of our staff members, several times, and have had a total of 15 positive staff members (since the beginning of this pandemic).  We have experienced 2 deaths, 4 residents have been hospitalized and returned, and 5 residents have recovered--returning to their rooms--from quarantine. 


We are re-evaluating our policies, due to changes issued by CMS and IDPH, over the weekend.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


07/15/2020 Update:

We continued our mass testing of residents and staff on Monday July13, completing the remaining of all residents without any symptoms, retesting those with symptoms who's prior test came back negative, and any staff needing to be tested initially or again. We took 13 tests to Iowa City to the Hygienic Lab Monday when we went and picked up another 150 test kits.  Those 13 returned with 6 additional positives, 2 results could not be determined, and 7 negative.  We make contacts with individuals and  responsible parties with each new set of data.  On 7/14 we completed additional testing on residents that needed new testing and staff members wishing to be tested.  We completed another 30 tests on 7/14, and they were delivered via courier to the State Hygienic lab today.  We had evidently missed the courier pick up on Tuesday.  We expect those results tomorrow.  Our nursing staff have been rock stars on assessing, testing, documenting, and contacting our families.  What that means is with all of their extra effort, all other departments are pulled in to work harder, meals served in rooms, on disposable dinnerware; laundry having mountains of isolation gowns to process,  working extra shifts to keep up.  Housekeeping having to sanitize more frequently and set up rooms, move resident, sanitize again, dispose of bags and bags of disposable isolation gowns, masks, and all regular duties.  Maintenance having to move residents to our delegated destinations.  In spite of our present challenge...I think of it as a "faith check" GVH is a phenomenal place that provides very good care in a manner consistent with the values of "patient centered care' .   My heart is heavy as I close this update by sharing that we experienced our 1st death to this horrible virus.  We will miss the joy that this individual brought to our day so often, and the caring she showed for all of her friends at GVH.  Please pray for our resident family, staff family, friends, and our medical associates supporting us during this pandemic.  Finally, I'm sure you all are curious about things, but this is where I can share with you.  Specific to your loved ones, please let us  contact you, so that our Nurses can stay focused on the volumes of documentation this pandemic is requiring of them. 


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


07/10/2020 Update:

As shared earlier we had started mass testing of our residents and staff.  With this virus we have learned that it can be transmittted by individuals who show no outward signs or symptoms.  If we were ever going to be able to consider lifting restrictions, it would be necessary for us to know the status of our residents and our staff.  We have encouraged our staff to be tested at TestIowa prior to them ever coming to Marshalltown, and they have continued to do so.  If they are determined to be positive they are quarantined at home and need to be able to show a negative test to return to work.  Also staff that feel anything different have been encouraged to contact us, rather than just come to work.  They interview and are tempted each time they work, but this virus is more than just body temperature changes.  They are tempted when they leave their shift.  Any body function changes and they are off work for minimally 10 days, and they have to have had 72 consecutive hours of no fever.  Residents are tempted every shift and vitals recorded watching for changes.  If they demonstrate changes Nursing in consultation with their Primary Care Giver (Doctor/Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant) to move them to our quarantine wing and they are closely monitored for the quarantine period of 14 days.  Any new admission also must have negative covid testing prior to admission and they too are quarntined for 14 days.  All services are provided in quarantine. 


We did mass testing 07/02/2020 completing 53 tests (there were 3 positive residents who were already in quarantine.  We had 4 staff members test positive that had no symptoms and continue out of service.  We again did mass testing of all of our residents who had not been tested on 07/07 completing 71 tests and those results were received over the last 2 days.  We have been contacting residents, families, and the Iowa Dept. of Health as they are received.  9 residents have tested positive and we quarantined them by increasing our quarantine space.  7 staff have tested positive and they were removed from service to completed their 14 quarantine and will need to present with a negative test result.   What this all means is that we continue to be very busy caring for our very special residents.  We will not be able to relax any of our restrictive measures at this time.  Our residents, your loved ones, are simply too important!  Our original positive residents are doing quite well, with generally normal vitals, minimal respiratory issues, occasional shortness of breath, but still interactive with our wonderful caregiving staff.  To leave quarantine we will again test them looking for that negative result and then make plans to return them to their prior living activities. We have  set our criteria to leave quarantine, that the involved resident must have 2 negative covid tests.  The second test cannot be administered prior to 48 hours of receiving the original negative test.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator


07/06/2020 Update:


As shared with the update on Friday of last week, we had sent 4 resident samples in to the Iowa Hygienic Lab for covid status.  One had been received on Friday and was positive.  The other 3 were pending.  They were received this morning and all 3 were positive.  The individuals are doing well at this time, however they will continue in quarantine for 14 days.  It has been almost a week since we sent in the tests, so the good news is that they have completed nearly another week.  After completion of the 14 day quarantine they will again be tested to see if we have a negative status and plans will be made to move out to the general population.  We continue to monitor all residents every shift for signs or symptoms of virus.


Dann Larmore, MS/NHA-L


Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare




07/03/2020 Update:

It has been a busy week at Grandview as we encountered our first Covid situation with a resident.  The individual was not in the facility at the time of notification of the positive diagnosis (07/01/20). The individual was residing in the Quarantine wing so we moved immediately forward with notifying immediate family of residents in Quarantine.  The residents residing there were covid tested that same morning and their samples were delivered to the Iowa Hygienic Lab in Iowa City (07/01Wed).  One result has been returned and the individual was positive.  It is possible these two episodes are not related due to circumstances that set them apart.  That individual has been relocated to the most distant room in the Quarantine Wing. Due to TestIowa not being available over this Holiday Weekend, we obtained sufficient test kits to do our own testing and tested 53 of our staff that have provided service in the Quarantine Wing since 06/28/20.  I personally delivered them to Ankeny by 5 pm on Thursday 07/02/20.  We are awaiting test results on the other residents that were in the Quarantine wing and will determine additional Quarantine time and additional testing.  We will continue to test staff and residents in our general population on Tuesday of next week.  I will continue to keep our residents, families, staff and friends updated as we continue this adventure, each Friday with an update.  I am in daily contact with the Iowa Department of Public Health.  If there is specific information about individuals, we will contact their identified family member.  In the meantime it is very important that you continue to do your part by wearing masks in public, and spatial distancing. 


Regarding the 4th of July, we are now changing our plans and NO residents will be outside, rather we will enjoy the comfort of the dining rooms to watch the fireworks at the Central Iowa Fair Grounds.  We appreciate your continued support of our services during these impactful times. 

 Dann Larmore, Administrator


06/26/2020 Update:


A quick Coronavirus update shares with you that we have continued to keep the virus at bay. It has not penetrated Grandivew Heights. Since the beginning of March and ultimately closing the facility to visitation on 03/13/2020, no residents have contracted the virus. We temp all of our residents every shift monitoring for changes and need to increase our vigilance, but all has gone well. Since this has started, we have had a total of 9 staff members that we have kept out of service for quarantining at home, due to exposures in their private lives. In order to return they must quarantine and present a negative covid test result. At this time we have only 1 staff member out awaiting their test results.


I was planning on trying some personal visitation on the 4th of July for the community fireworks, however, due to the current surging of virus in our state and community, I have talked myself out of it, in the best interest of our residents. I simply must keep them safe! Our residents who do want to enjoy the fireworks will be able to do so from the security of the courtyard in the back of the building. Plus it has a great view of the fairgrounds. We have too many employee families here for the event. Our Activities staff will monitor for no visitation with the residents, but we will have some fun watching!


Dann Larmore- Administrator


06/19/2020 Update:


I am happy to report that we continue to have no positive COVID 19 residents at Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare. On the other hand, due to our pro-active approach to physical changes with our staff members, we have had a total of 7 staff out since March with 4 recent tests being positive and they are still out of service. We have asked that all of our staff members at GVH make appointments with Test Iowa at the Marshalltown Community College. Thus far, we have had 55 of our110 staff members tested. Of our residents, we have hadd 22 tested. In order for us to open up we must have all residents tested, as well as staff. We will be working on this. My intent it to post an update every Friday. If not sooner, so please be a regular visitor.

Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator



06/17/2020 Update: Thank you for checking out our website and the COVID 19 update that is being provided. This first communication will be a bit of a historical walk from when we closed Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare on March 13, 2020 until the present. This has been a very important, but horrendous learning experience for residents, staff, associate healthcare providers, families and friends. Please know that every step of the way we have had nothing but the safety, health, and best interest of our residents as our guiding source. To that end, we were charged with making decisions about what would be the best way of protecting our residetns, and yet recognizing that they are "people" who have had to undergo so many changes in their lives, end resulting with them spending time at Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare, and how we can continue to make their home safe for them.

We immediately reduced our census so that we could create a quarantine wing, where persons identified with COVID 19, new admissions, re-admissions, and our regular residents that may demonstrate symptoms of respiratory issues, would be moved to and housed for specific periods of time, or completion of quarantined time frames.


All visitors (families and friends were banned from the building) were kept away from their loved ones residing at GVH so that they would not be subject to the virus by association. However, we did establish our "Magic Window" and now "Windows" so that families and residents could still comfortably visit with one another, safely, with a mere pane of glass between them. Speakers and Microphones have continued to be obtained and calibrated for continued improvement in verbal communicaitons. Families were also invited to call and we would do facetime with them and their loved ones, and we obtained additional tablets to enhance that experience with one another.


All staff have been wearing face masks since early March to protect our residents family from our staff members needed to provide assistance to them.


In setting up our quarantine wing (300 Hall) we instructed staff of what additional Personal Protective Equipemnt they would have to utilize when providing service to residents receiving treatment in that wing. Residents in that wing were quarantined to their private rooms so there would be a maximium infection prevention for all being served. Typically residents entering that wing were in placement there for 14 days, and staying symptom free. We originally had challenges with getting the hospitals to do COVID testing prior to discharge so that we could admit "negative" result admissions more comfortably. That is now happening as a matter of routine and is very helpful.


End Result... Our resident population has remained Coronavirus/COVID 19 free. We are very proud of that accomplishment.


Of our roughly 120 staff members serving the needs of your loved ones, we are pleased to share with you that only 7 individuals have had positive COVID 19 tests. Of those individuals, 4 have returned to work without further complications. Three individuals had no symptoms, however, we have been encouraging all of our staff to get testing while the Test Iowa facilities are set up at the Marshalltown Community College. These individuals were tested, notified and immediatly taken off the service schedule until they have completed a negative COVID test, or quarantined for 14 days.


All residents have their temperatures taken each shift, as an intial potential monitor of their health condition. All staff members are temped before starting their shift and at the close of their shift. Our time clock asks all staff members interview questions about their travels and health prior to check in, and if there is need for interview with a licensed nurse, they are not allowed to check in.


This will be the close of our initial walk down memory lane, it has been a long 2.5 months for everyone, but you must know how proud I am of the work of our staff to make Grandview Heights a safe and comfortable home for the people we serve. Thank you for allowing us to take care of and share our love with people so important to us all. I will provide short updates to this site weekly, or as necessary from here on out, so mark this as a favorite page and visit at least weekly.


Dann Larmore, MS/Administrator






Grandview Heights is located East of the Marshalltown High School. We truly offer a grand view overlooking rich farm ground. If you wish to contact us for questions or tours please ask for the facility social worker or administrator. We pride ourselves in responding to the community needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week with appropriate admissions. Thank you for your interest in Grandview Heights Rehab & Healthcare. We encourage you to visit us soon. Each care facility has a personality of its own...it is our hope you will enjoy ours when you visit!

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in the healthcare industry Establishing a standard by which all others are measured. We will exceed our customer's expectations through our compassion and commitment to teamwork. We take pride in being quality-driven, putting our residents first and creating an environment that promotes "A Place for Living".


Dear Grandview Management Team:

"My mother, Donna Beirman was a recent resident after her knee replacement. You are to be commended for leading such a dream team of employees. Everyone and I do mean everyone was kind, caring, and genuine to her. I am amazed at the true desire to excel at excellence your staff displayed 24/7.

Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so exceedingly, abundantly, beyond what is expected."

Tammy Hayes, Marshalltown, IA