Soups On:

Since our origination in 1975 offering favorable meals has been a priority. Here is sample of our menu to support that statement:

  • Breakfast offers hot or cold cereal along with varied fruits and fruit juices. Breakfast meats are offered through the week as well. Coco or Coffee as preferred.
  • The noon meal offers a salad bar with a variety of choices. The dietary staff "knock themselves out" with the specialty salads!
  • The noon & evening meals offer as many home cooked meals as possible. A "blue plate special" is featured each of these meals along with a second choice.  In addition, choices offered at the noon and evening and meal times include: a cheese burger, hamburger, hot dog, grilled cheese sandwich, an egg sandwich, peanut butter sandwich, 5 different choices of soups, as well as cereal with toast.

Meals at Grandview Heights are balanced and reviewed by our consultant dietitian. So often our folks tell us that they have too much food provided. Meals are offered with the choice of two different entrees. Orders are taken much like a restaurant. Our dietary department prides themselves in serving tasty and attractive meals. Families are welcome to host events here at Grandview Heights. Simply notify our staff to assist for parties of two or twenty. We encourage family visits and involvement.